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Indy Construction is a family oriented company and takes pride in making our customers feel like part of our family. We have been in business since 2006 but have many more years experience in the construction industry. Myself, Nathan Darling, a graduate of Camas High School has 18 years work experience in the construction field. I started out working with my father a 30 year member of the Carpenters Union. Then I went to work for my father’s friends electrical company at age 15, pulling phone lines and misc. wiring in new apartment buildings. A few years after high school I joined the Carpenters Union Apprenticeship local 1715. After 4 years, I graduated top of my class and was Superintendent on projects at the age of 24. While in the union I did a variety of projects from building a local Mormon church, Kelso High School remodel, Bonneville Dam fish chute, Salmon Creek hospital, 2 Portland Starbucks, 2 Portland Seattle Best and Romy’s Van mall to name a few. Along with my union work I had lots of interest from people for me to do work for them in the residential field. Soon the interest was large enough to quit my union job and start my own company and that’s when Indy was born. From the start Indy has always been a design build company. I think that comes from my love of Architecture, ever since I was a little kid I wanted to be an architect and now I get to enjoy that with all our design build projects. Indy has grown over the years with bigger and better projects every year. We are continuing now with a 40 unit town home project breaking ground in Spring 2014 and the opening of our new office and showroom in Camas, Winter 2013. Our goal is to be the best building and remodeling contractor in the northwest. We hope we can get your work and help us to reach our goal.